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UTR Support for Facilities

To support tennis facilities globally, all new UTR organizers can now access the Universal Tennis software to run unlimited events, get players rated, and generate revenue.
Join the UTR movement risk-free with no upfront fees.

Run Unlimited UTR Events

Now you can run UTR and Verified UTR Events from your own club. Create play when and how you want. UTR’s fully-integrated tournament management platform makes running any type of level-based event easy. Take registration and payment, create draws, post scores and manage your event from end-to-end. And, your high performance juniors won't have to travel for an outside tournament.

Case Study: Successful Verified UTR Event
Sell-out 1-day event with 3 matches guaranteed in 3 hours, with all ages, genders, skill levels (UTR 1.96-11.38). Over $1K in net revenue.
Menlo Park, CA

Promote Level-Based Play

Get all of your players rated to create a more fair and fun play. Make new player onboarding and player matching easy and objective. Check out your digital ladder which can help track player skill & improvement, organize play and engage your members. All members can play with someone at their level, regardless of age or gender, which is a great way to introduce competitive play in a fun way.

“UTR is part of our culture now; you have to feed it, nurture it and believe in it - and that’s why it’s worked. Our players love it. They want more of it!” - Luke Jensen, Director of Racquet Sports, West Side Tennis Club, French Open Doubles Champion, Former World No. 6, Men’s Doubles

Develop Your Players

Help your players reach their maximum potential. Use player UTRs and analytics to give your members an objective, results-based measurement of their current performance level to help set goals and track their progress. Assign fair court assignments, seedings and player pairings based on objective metrics.

“We integrated UTR to offer our players something new, set goals to work towards and enjoy tennis as it was meant to be.” - JJ Gramatica, Assistant Director, Maywood Tennis Club

Recruit New Members

Use your UTR club profile to showcase your club/academy and your UTR digital club to communicate with prospective new club members and players. Offer level-based opportunities to attract new local players to your club.

“UTR has turned out to be an unexpected sales tool for bringing new players to the club." - Yasemin Ozsoy, Kim Clijsters Academy

Increase Revenue

Integrating UTR into your daily club programming gives you more options for organizing level-based play to increase participation, player performance and boost revenue. You can increase revenue by better monetizing excess court times through level-based match play, clinics and tournaments.

CASE STUDY: Center Court Tennis Club & Sports
“With full adoption, clubs are seeing over 200% increase in revenue/participation.”
— Centercourt Testimonial

Join top global clubs

From Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar to your local tennis club, UTR has been adopted by tennis clubs both big and small. Join the number one platform for players and clubs today.

“UTR has made an impact at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, creating tournaments based on level and helping our players set achievable and realistic goals to accomplish in an academic year. It is a motivation for players of any age or gender to see their UTR raise because of their daily work at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.” - Marc Gorriz, Director of Rafael Nadal Academy

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