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UTR for players

Get rated, find play, post scores, showcase your tennis, arrange tennis with friends, track progress...for free!

Get Rated

All tennis players can have a UTR, which is a real-time evaluation of skill level based on your actual performance. If you’ve played a sanctioned or competitive match, you may already have a UTR, and you can activate your profile. Otherwise, get rated by easily posting a score from a casual hit or by playing matches. Then use your UTR to understand your level, find play and track your progress.

All players, same scale

Whether you are a junior, high school, college, pro, adult or recreational player, all your matches count toward your UTR. UTR is the global rating for all tennis players, regardless of age, gender or nationality, on a scale of 1-16.5. Three factors go into the rating: 1) Competition: your opponent's UTR 2) Score: Games won 3) Recent history: up to last 30 matches in the past 12 months.

Make Your Scores Count

Post scores anytime you play, from casual weekend play or any matches that are not already being recorded. Scores with at least 4 games to one player count toward your UTR (not Verified UTR).

Get Noticed By College Coaches

Colleges utilize UTR to evaluate prospective players; an up-to-date UTR player profile is an opportunity for you to showcase yourself to college coaches. UTR College Fit allows players to find prospective colleges based on UTR range and where you would play in the lineup. Then you can "follow" colleges of interest to get on the radar of college coaches.

Local play at your level

Find local level-based events and players at clubs and schools. Your results will count toward your UTR. You'll save time and money as you'll no longer need to travel long distances to play. Or if you are traveling, you'll be able to find play at your level wherever you are.

Showcase your game

Create a dynamic player profile to highlight your game and chronicle your tennis journey. Post photos and videos, share match results and find players at your level.

Track Your Progress

UTR is an objective metric of your current performance level that helps you track individual progress. You can see how your game is developing and can work to improve your rating.

Arrange tennis with your friends (coming soon)

Create your players group, where you can connect and schedule casual, social or competitive play with your tennis friends.