Universal Tennis School is an innovative online private school for grades 7-12 that combines world-class academics and character leadership development with the best players and coaches.
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What is Universal Tennis School?
A full-time online private school for young student-athletes, Universal Tennis School was established by a partnership with the world-renowned Dwight School and the Institute for Civic Leadership’s award-winning curriculum. We are the only school that blends academics with students' passion for tennis through the Inspire, Educate, and Impact model. Uniquely suited to address the needs of the competitive athlete, Universal Tennis School features a first-class education with real teachers, personalized instruction, live courses and self-paced learning. Students also get access to expert college counseling and build connections with tennis coaches, professionals and fellow student-athletes.
What You Get With Universal Tennis School:
  • Prestigious private school education at a fraction of the price
  • Customized accredited curriculum with over 75 subjects
  • Master Teacher live-hosted small weekly seminars 
  • 1-1 support for students through weekly teacher office and tutoring hours
  • Ranking improvement that impresses college coaches

Universal Tennis School combines character leadership training with service-learning programs to help students gain acceptance to the top colleges and universities.